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If you wanna do some DooM level editing, then the first thing you gotta do is get yourself a good editor, and this is the place to find it at! Just stroll down, to see the list of level editors, each with a brief discription of the file-type, size, and application. All level editors are also rated for its ease of use.

Title: Deep97 ----------------Author: Sensor Based Systems-(shareware)

DeeP97, the Killer Windows editor, done the way it should be! DeeP97 is packed with advanced features, but donít worry, you donít have to know all of them at once! The BEST editor, anywhere!!! A must for any serious author! Click on the link below to download Deep97 from SB Software

Download Deep97 now from SB Software

Title: DoomEd4.2 -----------------Author: Geoff Allan-(shareware)

DoomEd4.2 a comprehensive DooM map builder and editor, written by Geoff Allan for Windows. Easy to use interface, with fast node creation. Click on the link below to download DoomEd4.2

Download Doomed4.2

Title: DETH392

DETH (DOOM Editor for Total Headcases) is a GCC rewrite of DEU 5.21. for use with DOOM I, DOOM II, DOOM SE (Ultimate DOOM) and HERETIC. It was written by PWAD authors FOR PWAD authors, so it is with the needs of such in mind that DETH has been configured. - Click on the link below to download DETH

Download DETH392 now

Title: dmaped42

need an editor with more power than what you're using now? Or need an editor that's easier to use and does the grunt work for you? Want an editor to show you how to create maps instead of reading through tons of doc files? - Click on the link below to download dmaped42

Download dmaped42 now

Title: DmCad6.1 ----------------- Author: Matt Tagliaferri-(shareware)

DmCad6.1 An easy to use DooM level and map editor. With a straight forward interface, allowing for an ease of learning that most other editors could do well by following. Click on the link below to download DmCad6.1

Download now

Misc. level editing applications

Level editing instructions and tips

Title: WAD Authoring Text ----------------- Author: Brent W. Reed

Size: 1.2kb This form gives the author of the WAD a place to put information about the WAD, such as episode and mission numbers etc. (a REQUIRED part of any WAD(z) submitted to the DooM site)

Download WAD Authoring

VIEW the WAD Authoring Text

Title: UDS DMSPEC16 ------------ Author: Brent W. Reed

Size: This document explains in great detail nearly all aspects of the doom WAD file format. And a new chapter (10) documents the location of data within DOOM.EXE itself, so that various unusual game-play changes can be made. This information has been updated to apply to DOOM 2 as well as DOOM 1. The specs were originally conceived as an aid to programmers making DOOM utilities, especially map-editors. Coincidentally, there might also be information useful to advanced level designers and players.

Download DMSPEC16

VIEW the DMSPEC16 Text

Title: Design12 ----------------- Author: Tom Neff

Size: 27.2kb This document answers questions on DOOM level design in general, not how to play the game (covered in the DOOM FAQ - see Appendix B) or how to use a particular editor (read the documentation that came with it).


Title: DMspec13 ----------------- Author: Hank Leukart (

Size: 71.5kb Post-Release v5.6 - MINOR revision Last Updated: April 17, 1994 EST Written by: Hank Leukart ( "If it's not the `Official' DOOM FAQ, it's not a FAQ." "DOOM: Where the sanest place... is behind a trigger." "DOOM: Such mayhem the likes of which have never been witnessed in this particular dimension!"


Title: WAD DESIGNERS HANDBOOK Release 1.0. ----------------- Author: Bill J. McClendon

Size: 47.8kb If you're new to making levels, YOU NEED THIS. Covers the basics for building doors, lifts, stairs, windows, secret doors, and walkover linedefs. Also defines basic terms and lists common errors (and how to avoid them!). Includes sections on style and theme, and what to look for in a well-designed level (like yours!).


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