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How to go about sending me your WADz, so they can be put up on the site, and shared with the DooM community

After you have created your WAD(z), tested it for play ability, and everything is working good. You will need to use the Win-zip file compressing utility, to create a .zip file out of your .WAD file. Your file compressing utility should explain how to do this. Once you have it compressed, and in a .zip file format, you can 1.) simply cut and paste it here (in the form area provided below) or 2.) Copy your WAD(z) to a text-editor like notepad, and then place it in the form area.(provided below)


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Just complete this form. Click on Submit when ready to send.


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1). Please, make sure that each WAD(z) submissions contains its WAD Author text availiable here atWADz Authoring text2.) Upon receiving your WADz submission, the DooM site will send you a NOTICE: RECEIVED YOUR SUBMISSION e-mail

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